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​EurekaHealth platform is the most advanced AI-enabled technology platform for understanding Real World Data, supercharged with unique proprietary AI models and AI APIs.

​Next generation RWD and AI solutions represent a significant leap beyond traditional EMR companies, pure-play data companies, and CROs

Enriched AI-generated and expert-abstracted metadata

Integration with claims and other third-party data sets including proprietary client data

Concerto HealthAI’s EurekaHealth Platform for Oncology

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions spanning clinical and commercial use cases

Eurekahealth Technology and AI Solutions

Real world evidence service

Next Generation Real world data solutions


We offer a high-quality data repository of community based electronic medical records (EMR), billing data, and patient reported outcomes on up to 1,500,000 patients:

Over a decade of real-world patient data from geographically diverse community oncology practices

Superior data mining platform and expertise

Unstructured EMR documents, backed by expert consensus, providing gold standard values for key data elements

Unique inclusion of patient-reported data from routine clinical practice