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Transforming the Healthcare Enterprise with the Next Generation of Data and AI.

Transforming the healthcare enterprise to improve patient outcomes in oncology and other therapeutic areas through the next generation of RWD and AI solutions.

Concerto HealthAI is the leading provider of Next Generation Real World Data (RWD) and AI-enabled solutions in Oncology and other key therapeutic areas. We have partnered with ASCO/CancerLinQ, guaranteeing 10 years of exclusive access to the largest and fastest growing RWD oncology data source in the market.

Let’s talk data.

We have the largest and fastest growing RWD clinical oncology dataset with proprietary AI metadata, genomics, PRO, claims, and integrated client data capabilities.

Our Definitive Oncology Dataset Currently Offers:


of EMR, with an 80/20 split between community and academic


of Human + AI Regulatory Grade


of Genomics + Regulatory Grade RWD

Analysis of Accurate Real World Data to Support Informed Strategic Decisions

Our Data Warehouse is a repository of electronic medical records, billing data, and patient-reported outcome data from geographically diverse community oncology practices. Our team has many years of oncology research experience with an exceptional understanding of oncology specific treatment delivery models.